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EWI is applied to properties with solid walls or hollow block that have no cavity. EWI offers a complete, structurally sound envelope which acts like a ‘tea cosy’ around the building and can achieve higher wall insulation U-values.


By minimising heat loss in cold weather and heat gain in warm weather, EWI creates a much more comfortable living environment and reduces heating costs by up to as much as 40% with less risk of condensation and damp walls. It will also increase the value of your property.

With BlueBuild you have a wide aesthetic choice available making EWI an excellent solution for all types of projects including homes, industrial, commercial and public buildings such as offices, shops, hospitals and schools. 

external wall insulation

Can EWI work for me?


External Wall Insulation


External Wall Insulation

Benefits of EWI

  • The wide range of colours, textures, and facings offered by BlueBuild's EWI systems means that there is a solution available to suit every project

  • Lower heating and maintenance costs e.g. from reduced condensation and mould growth

  • Older homes are significantly improved to the high standard of new builds 

  • EWI systems installed by BlueBuild are robust enough to continue to deliver a high level of performance years after they were first installed

  • 30 Year warranty supplied by Soltherm.

BlueBuild's EWI system is provided by Soltherm, who supply building materials and solutions of the highest quality to Ireland, UK and the European market.


All their products are manufactured on one of the most advanced production lines in Europe and under the supervision of specialist technicians. The production process is ISO certified and supervised by Global Quality. 


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Reduced heating costs by up to as much as 40% 


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